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we are the ones who'll break the walls of fate...

「リ精 夢」
first, I love KAT-TUN =)... a new fan tho, (^^,>;...My JE ichibans are Kamenashi Kazuya and Ueda Tatsuya and my JE nibans are Akanishi Jin and Taguchi Junnosuke...secondly, I love food~ wahahahaha, i love sweet confectionaries and such..., I love snow and KAT-TUN music..., I love cats and dogs =)..,when I fangirl, I fangirl to only one (no matter whether it is a solo artist or group.., the reason why I only have KAT-TUN on my JE list..,
Kame, Tatchan, MatsuJun, Ikuta Toma, Mizushima Hiro, L'Arc-En-Ciel, Crystal Kay, Sister Angela...Juno-kun, Yukan Club, One Pound Gospel, Jinjin...
"those who discrimates other's ichibans without basis that just because they are not cute enough for their taste...

spineless mama's boy fiance who can't face you.,
My japhilrama family and my Smooth and Sexy forum buddies..., KAT-TUN, kattunlove..,
credits to Smooth and Sexy forum and to my Japhilrama family

to my ex-fiance for making me a stronger and matured person by breaking my heart into a million pieces.,
just a simple, I am happy to be with you to my Japhilrama Family for the whole summer I am with you!, having kat-tun again as my inspiration!
"don't say sorry for what you meant to do "=)

"learn to love, and take the pain"